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How to Donate

Thank you for choosing to support the important work of our members in their quest to rehabilitate wildlife. Your donation will directly support the recipient of your choice (see below) and may be claimed as a tax deduction in Australia. More about Donations

Donate by cheque, or direct deposit.

You may specify that your donation be directed to any of the following.

Western Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc (WAWRC)

WAWRC provides support for wildlife rehabilitators in Western Australia. Wildlife rehabilitation is Australia is largely the work of volunteers and is unfunded, relying on grassroots fundraising, sporadic grants and public donations. The reality of wildlife rehabilitation is that it is largely funded from household budgets.

WAWRC aims to support its members by offering ~

By donating to WAWRC, you will be supporting the Councilís work in supporting wildlife rehabilitators throughout Western Australia, and indirectly helping our beleaguered wildlife.

WAWRC Member Groups

There are around 50 wildlife rehabilitation groups located throughout Western Australia, all of whom are dedicated to helping our wildlife.

WAWRC Member Individuals

Supplementing the work carried out by wildlife rehabilitation groups, there are hundreds of individuals throughout the State working to rehabilitate wildlife.