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Wildlife rehabilitators are unfunded, relying on sporadic grants, donations and grass-roots fundraising to carry out their lifesaving work. Many of our members sell wildlife related products to fund their wildlife work. We provide this page as a facility to our members to advertise their products.  (To WAWRC's items available, please visit our market page here)

WAWRC encourages our members to participate in this market, and will provide the facilities to keep this up and running. Members who would like to advertise their products online should contact us by clicking on "contact" on the menu above. We provide this service in good faith, we are not in a position to provide any warranty in relation to the goods advertised in these pages. If you have any issues or problems, please let us know, so that we can review the listing.

For all enquiries, costs and purchases, please contact the seller direct.

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Brushes, Pouches & Bottles

Member Pauline is selling

  • Two styles of hanging joey pouches. Note: Joeys not included smilesmall

pouch1 pouch2

For more detailed information and prices contact

Perth Fauna Supplies

Member Dianne, Perth Fauna Supplies, is selling :

  • Feeding syringes 1,10,20 and 50-60ml with silicone 0 rings which enable a smooth plunging action
  • Syringe caps in bright orange so that you can find them when dropped
  • Long,-lasting, Mikki-type, pre-pierced, silicone teats. Note: Match only included for scale
  • Single probe, digital thermometers which can be used for both air and water temperatures
  • Combination hygrometer/thermometers
  • Digital pocket scales 100g/0.01g ideal for weighing:
    • reptile/bird hatchlings and microbat pups
    • tiny amounts of food for tiny critters
    • ingredients for rehydration recipes
    • powders such as Calcium Carbonate, milk powder, etc

For more detailed information and prices contact

Syringex3 SyringeCaps teats thermometer1 thermometer2 scales1

Ultimate Joey Bags

Member Lesley's luxurious Hanging Bags and padded Mum inserts are the ultimate joey bags.

Just looking at the two comfortable customers on the left is sufficient endorsement.

The Hanging Bags and Mums come in two sizes, and are available in a range of colours and fabrics. Smaller Mums are available for Possums and pouches can be made to order.

Contact w: Find Pouched Life on Facebook

pouches by Lesley  

possum manual by Uta

Ringtail Possum Care Manual

WAWRC member and President of the Possum Centre in Busselton, Uta, has published Care Manual: Rehabilitation of Western Ringtail Possums.

Uta specialises in the care of Western Ringtail Possums and imparts her extensive knowledge in this quality production.

This comprehensive A5 size, 56 page, full colour manual is a much needed resource which addresses a scarcity of information on the care of these unique West Australian animals.

This manual is packed with a wealth of information, with each chapter designed as a stand-alone unit. This manual will be of interest to both experienced and new rehabilitators. Particularly useful are the practical tips along with the all important information about suppliers of the equipment and specialist milk formulas.

Contact p: (08) 9754 2956
           m: 0420-939890



Burston Blues Teats

Burston Blues
WAWRC members Jo and Glen are manufacturing Silicone Kangaroo Teats - Burston Blues - as a fundraiser for their centre.

They wanted a longer-lasting teat which resembled a kangaroo’s teat in feel and texture. The 2 and 3 ply food-grade silicone teats are available in all sizes.

No more holes or stretching after only a few weeks of use by older joeys. As the teats retain their shape they can be interchanged between animals; no more tanties when joey doesn’t get “his/her” own teat.

None of the joeys so far have had a problem with the colour of the teats,although the carers have been surprised, by the colour which is a bright blue. 

Contact m: 0409 086 973


Aba* Bird Restraint (Temporarily out of stock)
Member Nancy, who is a raptor rehabilitator, can supply fabric bird restraints which are ideal for dangerous birds like raptors and owls, or when you’re working alone with any large bird.
The birds' wrists are slipped into the pockets of the Aba* and the elastic tape is then wrapped firmly around the tarsi and tied in place. This short-term treatment restraint does not restrict the bird’s breathing or damage plumage, and minimises handling.
*Arabic word meaning cloak


Contact p: (08) 9756 0669